MA Digital Games: Design & Theory

Concept Artist & Games Designer

Group Project, Grade A

Toni Brasting- Manager

Jacob Gamm- Concept Art and World Building

Pongtham Nantham- Illustration and Design

Rosa Carbó-Mascarell- Graphics Design, Programing, Games Design

Giovanni Rubino- Games Design, Animation


World’s of Etsy is a single player, 2D side-scrolling action and puzzle game aimed at Etsy users. Etsy is an eCommerce platform, focused on handmade and vintage goods and wares. Players collect items within the game and use them to either solve puzzles or decorate their homes within the game. Each item collected within the game can be found within Etsy and can be bought in real life without leaving the game.

Not associated in any way to the Etsy website or Etsy's employees.

Worlds of Etsy


The peaceful and creative Worlds of Etsy are in danger. An indescribable evil force the peoples of Etsy call ‘The Ordinary’ is finding its way into the hearts of all that is creative in the worlds. The Ordinary is slowly spreading throughout the land, turning the magical into the mundane.

In order to protect themselves each of the sellers of the Worlds of Etsy gave a piece of what they are; dreams, skills, imagination and love to build the most amazing creation. The Guardian Carino. You.

The player has control over the main character Carino, including his movements, his ability to pick up and place items and use his bundle. You have the ability to pinch in and out of each of the levels and move throughout the worlds at the touch of a screen.







animation by Giovanni Rubino


Items within the game can be collected and added to Carino to customise him. At first, Carino has a simple form. He can be equipped with items for each part of his body: Head, Face, Body, Arm, Hand, Leg, Foot.

While players travel through quests, they can add many items, some related to the puzzle and other are not. Players can still collect these items and use them to either customise their character with them (see below) or to customise their home within the game. To carry these items you use your bundle. The bundle can hold many items, be used for transportation and help you within the level puzzles (i.e. to climb up to collect items).

This was the first project where I had ever collaborated on a single image with another artists. The initial design of Carino was created by me, but due to Pongtham Nantham's superior skill in creating 'cute' characters I passed the design onto him to draw. I later coloured him and added the Bundle.

Game play

design & colour by Jacob Gamm, linework by Pongtham Nantham

Within the quests players need to solve many puzzles by finding the right items, grabbing and placing them into their bundle and then onto the right places of the puzzle. The challenge is that players have to think which item is suitable for each puzzle, where it is hidden and how they can reach it. After players placed the item, the game will respond in exciting and cute ways. If they have placed the correct item in the puzzle a marvelous event will be triggered, and the new route through a roadblock will be opened. The pleasure to see this positive event is as a reward for players. In contrast, if a wrong item is placed, some funny events may occur.

Players are also able to use items they find to fill out their 'home' and can visit the Marketplace where they can purchase items from real venders.

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