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The Terrible- Dissertation Project, Grade A 2015


Playing as the newly turned Gorgon (translates as Terrible) Medusa you must come to terms with your new identity and rob Athena of the death she has planned for you. Returning to more classical Mythology, Medusa boasts copper wings and brazen claws, a theme throughout the game.

The following images were produces as part of the Games Design Document which accompanied a simple Ludic Sketch produced in Multi Media Fusion 2. The focus of the course was not on the art, rather the design principals. 

The Storyboard bellow follows the players perspective of Medusa after she has fled from the city following the harrowing night of being both rapped by Poseidon and then punished for it by Athena within her own temple.


Due to the technical limitations of creating a Ludic Sketch in MMF2 the Games Design Document needed to be illustrated with numerus smaller sketches as well as the storyboards to demonstrae mechanics and sceans that were important throughout the game.


animation by Giovanni Rubino

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The Living Talk....And So Do The Dead- Grade B+ 2015


A first person puzzle game aimed at ages 9-14. Explores death and afterlife in various different cultures. Helping with puzzles related to the mortal remains, players are then able to travel to that cultures afterlife. After completing each zone the player unlocks a spirit, one of which can be summoned at a time to help with completing these puzzles in different ways. The player takes the roll of Amy, a young girl who has lost her mother and is contacted by a Reaper named Eric who admits that embarrassingly they have misplaced the information as to which afterlife her late moths spirit went to. Eric as you to help him find her.


Importantly this is a game with a strong educational theme, both factually and culturally. The different spirits will comment on how strange they find the other afterlives, and your guide,  Eric, will comment about the environment including factual history. You don't need to learn in order to play the game, but the game will teach you none the less.


In The Attic- Children's Book Project 2013


A Second year project at Falmouth to adapt one of several popular children's books. I selected In The Attic, a book I had never seen Previously. The original is written by Hiawyn Oram and Illustrated by Satoshi Kitamura.

I focused heavily on fold out pages and flaps to create a sense of reveal, in each case trying to create a contrast, to reflect what I felt was a literary one in the book; the girl finds a scary Spider with giant human arms, but we fold out the page and they become friends.


Mutant Apocalypse- Short film project 2013


A short project for a friend studying film at a different university. I was given a rough draft of the basic concept and an early skript to which I created some simple storyboards and designs.

Within the film there existed feral mutant humans that would walk on all fours. As this would was a project to be completed entirely by students, the actors would be limited by there own physiology with their locomotion. To aid in this I recorded myself experimenting with different methods of quadruped locomotion to determine what would be fastest.

Unfortunately the project was cut short early due to problems with the directors team so I only have these initial storyboard concepts.


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