Jacob Gamm


E-mail: contact@artofjacobgamm.co.uk

Phone: 07541567683

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Professional info

I am a concept artist, illustrator, games designer and educator, not always in that order and rarely at the exclusion of the others.

No matter that job I perform or part of my life I enjoy it is problem solving that is at the heart of it. Be that solving a visual puzzle for a client, trying to fill that hole in my sketchbook, figuring out how to explain negative space to a deaf person when I don’t know the sign for silhouette, or developing the consequences for my RPG players who drew genitalia on the demonic summoning ritual.

I have experience working on designing and illustrating educational books and games, creating concept art for fantasy and science fiction, as well as walking long distances without an shoes.








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British Sign Language Level 3

Work experience

Lecturer in Games, Games Art

SGS College- Stroud

2019 October-Present

  • Lecturing Games Design students at GCSE and A-Level studies, to their development towards working the the games industry.

  • Introducing students with a variety of different specialisations to techniques from art that will allow them to come up with new ideas, solve problems and produce their own art and games.

  • Developing student research skills, artistic technique, use of technology such as Photoshop and critical thought towards the use of art in games.


Communication Support Worker/LSA

City of Bristol College

2019 January-October

  • Supporting Deaf students in class, enabling them to take part full with both their studies at college and social interaction with peers.

  • Working 1:1 in various classes from gardening to catering, building on my Level 3 in BSL attained in 2018.

Concept Artist and Illustrator.

Ludic Gulls- Tranzfuser Games Competition, UK Games Fund

PADMA Who dunnit?

2016 June-August

  • Working as a team of Masters Graduates selected for the Tranzfuser games competition. Presented the game demo at the Transfuzer stands for the 2016 EGX in Birmingham.

  • Carried out extensive research into a variety of fields in order to solve problems both in design and art, such as how to create an effective Solar Sail Ship. Producing display pages of both technical and visual research for other team members.

  • Using creative problem solving to produce multiple sketches to inform the look and feel of the game. Being able to edit those designs based on the needs and changes of other departments such as Narrative or Programing.

  • Developed art assets in traditional media that could be compiled in game to create an interactive and immersive world full of eccentric characters in vibrant environments.

Logo for Ludic Gulls drawn inink by Jacob Gamm


Mock-up the of the Airlock.

Several of the Airlocks have been taken over by passengers and crew, converted into party rooms.

Learning Support Assistant

Uxbridge College



  • Started by shadowing the Deaf Support Team supporting two Deaf students in an SEN English lesson.

  • Became a full time member of the Learning Support team working with SEN students with a variety of different needs including Dyslexia, ADHD and Autism.

  • Assisted primarily with Functional Skills Maths and English where personal experience of Dyslexia gave me an advantage in teaching.

  • Worked closely with students in both Fine Art and Graphics design. Due to being an artist I was able to be far more helpful with students and was treated by staff  and students as a respected member of the art department.

  • Accompanied a residential trip of fifteen students from the Princes Trust who had all previously been removed from the college. For one week of team building activities myself and two other staff encouraged them to work together and overcome their own weakness, taking part in the activities themselves, dealing with discipline issues and moderating disagreements.

Uxbridge College Logo

Children's Creative Workshop Assistant.

Mini Monets (Part Time)

2015 - 2017


  • Supporting with the delivery of lessons, workshops and tutorials in a wide variety of media. Students range from ages five to twelve in classes of sixteen.

  • Often responsible for running lessons independently and occasionally with the assistance of interns.

  • Helping to plan art lessons, creating educational and inspirational presentations in PowerPoint that teach about a variety of subjects beyond the scope of art.

  • Structured a series of lessons on Canopic Jars. By having them sculpt both gods and the organs associated with them they learned both biology and history.

  • Created four lessons on perspective drawing after noticing a gap in the students’ drawing ability.

Mini Monets UK logo Childrens art and education


Following the death of David Bowie, Mini Monets decided that we should memorialise him in Pop Art.

Concept Artist

DERP Studios

​2013 - 2014


  • Responsible for designing the biological antagonists named the Jej.

  • Developed a full biological system that matched with the lead writers idea to produce a fully-fledged interterestiral species that evolved back when the rocks were soft.

  • Used these biological systems to express four adversaries each with their own mechanics. The mechanics needed to be balanced against the abilities of other adversaries within the game and involved me working closely with the lead designer. It was important that each enemy fought differently and expressed its abilities visually and with having distinct silhouettes.

  • Created character sheets, 3D models from clay and wire as well as texture sheets for 3D Team.

  • Took part in regular group meetings to both give and receive briefings from other departments in order that we understood how the entire design process affects us.

DERP Studios logo. Video Games


At the early stage of JEJ design I was asked to create an alien Mecha. To contrast with the Steampunk Mecha designed for the player character I opted for an organic suit where the pilot could be located in the Golems spine.


MA Digital Games: Theory & Design

Brunel University

​2014 - 2015    

  • ​Developed skills central to games design. Produced weekly Ludic sketches, alone and in teams, experimenting with games as a genre. This drew on both design and art skills to finish production in very short time frames.

  • Presenting pitches for new concepts and creating Game Design Documents both in teams and alone.

  • Large focus on Games Theory, examining the effects of Semiotics, Post Modernism, Procedural Rhetoric and Sociology on the development and reception of games, both now and in the future.

Brunel University Logo. Uxbridge London


Sketchbook work for the design of Medusa

BA Illustration

Falmouth University

​2010 - 2013      2:1


  • ​High level of focus on traditional illustration and developing unusual styles while working on professional style briefs.

  • Produced educational illustrations in the form of books and posters based on pre-existing and self initiated briefs. These included a zoo billboard teaching convergent Evolution and a storybook about parasites and symbiotes.

  • Created editorial illustrations in fast one day or one week projects.

  • Developed older children’s books based on both my own and existing narratives.

  • While studying at Stroud College and Falmouth University, I supported other students by running Photoshop tutorials to supplement those already available. This often involved working with students from other disciplines and addressing particular difficulties relating to Photoshop and their projects.

  • Assisted in the print room, supporting other students in using a variety of techniques to help complete their projects.

  • Participated on request with the interview process for new students at Falmouth University. This involved giving tours to prospective students and performing one to one interviews with them to discuss applicability for the course.

University College Falmouth logo. Cornwall Falmouth.
Jacob Gamm Falmouth University final show. Illustration and Concept art. Girlfriend Kathryn Simpkin


Produced for the 2013 Falmouth University book of illustrated quotes and sayings.