• Jacob E S Gamm


Shedinns Marvellous Mechanical Topiary Garden Guardian TM

As a construct created by the artificer Shedinn for his gardening business it was important that it look as colourful and alive as possible. Shedinns man art seen him clocked resulting in a dark and criminal looking figure, loosing some of the gardening aspect. It was therefor up to the S.M.M.T.G.G. to bring this to the for.

As my new game was based in #Roll20, a digital resource for playing tabletop role-playing games, I decided to create an asset that would be compatible with that site.

S.M.M.T.G.G. construction begins

As the peacock was to make use of the stats of an allosaurus I felt it best to use the animal itself as a guid. The average spec amine was around 8.5 meters long. Converting this it feet for D&D and then the standard 5ft grid I had my peacock. Unfortunately as a ‘large’ least in D&D terms the creature is only meant to fit in a two by two square. This of course not very realistic, not taking into account animals with long tails etc. This would especially be a problem for a Peacock whole long tail is a primary feature. I fortunately managed to persuade my Dungeon Master to use the full size image but allow the ‘tail’ to not count towards the creatures intractable area.

In terms of painting I wanted to use the simplest shading techniques I could as must of the detail would be lost at the small size the asset would be used for. It was therefor the responsibility of the line work to accurately convey the feeling of a hedge sculpture.

The Final Result

The final #topiary bird in all her glory. It is wonderful to get to play with an asset you have created yourself particularly one you can be proud of. I think I have done a good job of making the S.M.M.T.G.G. both feel like a mechanical construct, and something that would fit into someones ornamental garden.