• Jacob E S Gamm

It seems I have a blog now?

So it seems that I am branching out and adding a blog for my more personal work and my work in progress images. I will still be keeping my Twitter up to date with this as well so I hope you can give me a follow on there as well.

Most of the work here will be roughs and work in progress images. An awful lot of which related to my playing of various games such as Dungeons and Dragons. Please be aware that though I am often using their setting, races etc, these are for my own use and artistic development.

Now that is out of the way we can start having some fun and you can laugh at me failing to paint things and revel with me when I succeed in others.

For those not aware and haven’t been to the rest of my site yet Shall die a brief introduction.

Hello, my name is Jacob and I live in England in the green county of Gloucestershire. I’ve studied both Illustration and Games Design and am currently building my business as a freelance illustrator and concept artist, with the hopes of one day working full time in an inspiring games company.

The problem with being the one taking the pictures is that there are so few images of yourself. I’ll find a newer picture of me soon I promise.