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Professional info

Having studied illustration for three years at Falmouth University I have worked to professional style briefs with strict deadlines and a focus on both best practice and communication. The courses mantra was visual problem solving and this is something I excel at. This skill has been key while working on my MA in Games Design which has a emphasis on creating innovation in games, while producing Ludic Sketches in a very short timeframe, both alone and as part of a team, necessitating art which is both quick to produce and highly communicative.


Highly imaginative and rational I aim to deal with new situations confidently and effectively, while creating solutions to problems others might have otherwise overlooked, or at least not come to as quickly. I operate best while supported by a team of talented and passionate individuals working towards a shared objective, even if that team simply consists of an art director over the phone.










British Sign Language (Level 2)

Work experience

Concept Artist and Illustrator.

Ludic Gulls- Tranzfuser Games Competition, UK Games Fund

PADMA Who dunnit?

2016 June-August

  • Succeeded in being chosen to take part in the Transfuzer games competition.

  • Working as part of the world building team to create a fun and believable world and setting.

  • Generating fast ideas and drawing to support the early development work.

  • Producing storyboards for the design team to speed up the process of deciding the various aspects of the game such as camera view.

  • Created both environmental and character illustrations using traditional media to fit in with the chosen aesthetic and feel of the game.
    Designed and created a logo for the company.

  • Presented our game at EGX Birmingham 2016 alongside the other Tranzfuser teams.


In a decadent, socially networked, future society, a murder takes place aboard a space cruise ship. The player takes on the role of the AI controlling the ship: ICMS Padma. By interacting with a cast of eccentric characters through a deep tactical dialogue system, and scanning the scene with a collection of instruments, the player must follow leads, discover clues and utilise a range of upgrades to find out whodunit.

The project was completed by the newly formed Ludic Gulls who were selected among seventeen other teams from across the UK. Whodunit Padma was designed and developed for the Tranzfuser fund within three months before being showcased at the UK's largest gaming event, EGX 2016. All assets were handcrafted by myself using all sorts of mixed media. The world, characters and dialogue were designed by our creative writer Giovanni Rubino and designers Tim Phillips/Roman Ohlendorf. Finally the programming and development was split between the Greedy Gull team; Joseph Loe, Marcus Brooks and Matej Navara.


2010 - present
2010 - present


Mock-up the of the Airlock.

Several of the Airlocks have been taken over by passengers and crew, converted into party rooms.

Learning Support Assistant

Uxbridge College



  • Assitsting a large range of students with differnt abilities with thier studies to achive the best that they are able.

  • Working in a range of classes but primaerily working with the Art Departments at the college.

  • Due to previous experience with British Sign Language, worked to support a student with hearing needs.


Children's Creative Workshop Assistant.

Mini Monets (Part Time)

2015 - 2017


  • Supporting the art teacher ensuring that materials are prepared for the class. This includes producing short presentations to introduce the week’s new topic.

  • Ensuring that all children are given an equal amount of time to support them in their art, both teaching new skills and promoting their own creativity.

  • Collaborating on lesson plans for the week’s subject.

  • Tidying the workspace, ensuring that the studio and materials are stored correctly

  • Working with children aged between six and twelve.


Concept Artist at DERP Studios


​2013 - 2014


  • Work as part of a creative team adhering to the Art directors brief and guidance. Video calls meeting twice a week for two hours to discuss the games progress with the whole team so that every individual understood the scope of the project.

  • Adhering to strict deadlines, ensuring that my workflow does not negatively affect the pipeline.

  • Responsible for creating antagonist characters from initial concepts and sketches to final artwork. This includes their game mechanics, motives and culture, in addition to appearance and biology.

  • Produce Character Sheets for 3D modeling.

  • Created texture assets for characters and scenery.


At the early stage of JEJ design I was asked to create an alien Mecha. To contrast with the Steampunk Mecha designed for the player character I opted for an organic suit where the pilot could be located in the Golems spine.


MA Digital Games: Theory & Design

Brunel University

​2014 - 2015    

  • ​Developed skills central to games design. Produced weekly Ludic sketches, alone and in teams, experimenting with games as a genre. This drew on both design and art skills to finish production in very short time frames.

  • Presenting pitches for new concepts and creating Game Design Documents both in teams and alone.

  • Large focus on Games Theory, examining the effects of Semiotics, Post Modernism, Procedural Rhetoric and Sociology on the development and reception of games, both now and in the future.

The Terrible- Dissertation Project, Grade A


Playing as the newly turned Gorgon (translates as Terrible) Medusa you must come to terms with your new identity and rob Athena of the death she has planned for you. Returning to more classical Mythology Medusa boasts copper wings and Brazen claws, a theme throughout the game.


A stealth horror game, the nature of the first person perspective and cones of sight are flipped when anyone who looks onto youR face is turned to stone.


You are the monster and if you kill too many innocents you loose, their names and background displayed to you before you can continue. "You have killed Aglea, mother of two."



After causing three deaths Medusa looses the will to continue. The player is confronted with the images of those she killed.

Each stone bust is hung from their thread of fate. The player must cut those threads in order to return to the last checkpoint.

Worlds of Etsy- Game Proposal, Grade A


Group Project with Pongtham Nantham, Rosa Carbó-Mascarell, Giovanni Rubino and Toni Brasting.


Tasked with designing a game for an existing company, we chose the website Etsy. Players travel various worlds themed around different categories of Etsy wares such as ‘woodwork’ or ‘vintage.’ By solving puzzles players push back 'The Ordinary' and collect items, that they are then able to buy in-game, corresponding with real Etsy wares.


Etsy tablet game game design games GDD character charicter jacob gamm pongtham nantham rosa caro-mascarell giovanni rubino toni brasting wares objects puzzel collect
Etsy tablet game game design games GDD character charicter jacob gamm pongtham nantham rosa caro-mascarell giovanni rubino toni brasting wares objects puzzel collect marketplace sellers seller

The Living Talk, And So Do The Dead- Grade B+


A first person puzzle game aimed at ages 9-14. Explores death and afterlife in various different cultures. Helping with puzzles related to the moral remains, players are then able to travel to that cultures afterlife. After completing each zone the player unlocks a spirit, one of which can be summoned at a time to help with completing these puzzles in different ways.


Importantly this is a game with a strong educational theme, both factually and culturally. The different spirits will comment on how strange they find the other afterlives, and your guide, a skeleton named Eric, will comment about the environment. You don't need to learn to play the game, but the game will teach you none the less.



Story boards produced for use in the Ludic Sketch.

Panning For Gold- one week project


Designed with Giovanni Rubino. Art and animation by myslef, programmed by Giovanni Rubino .



Short project based around economic models. Uses the concept of a Nash Equilibrium, and explores its effect on morality.   


The player is told that they can use their pickaxe to hit people and no more. By killing off another minor they can gain access to the richer veins of gold, however this will cause more and more individuals to make the same decision. Having been conditioned by games to use a weapon if they have access to them, the player will inevitable kill and be killed several times before they learn that the best way to complete the game, is to just get along with everyone else. 


Not following the rules only works if you are the only one doing so.


Jacob Gamm jacobgamm ludic sketch Gamesdesign game design making Gold mining Giovanni rubino animation economic Nash equilibrium panning collect kill pickaxe illustration illustrations art artist draw drawing drawings painting paintings University university pillock almighty design paint mixed media  BrunelConcept conceptart Photoshop digital Computer video game tablet Jacob Gamm jacobgamm illustration illustrations art artist draw drawing drawings painting paintings Falmouth University falmouthuniversity pillock almighty design paint mixed media  Brunel Panning for Gold

BA Illustration

Falmouth University

​2010 - 2013      2:1


  • ​High level of focus on traditional illustration and developing unusual styles while working on professional style briefs.

  • Produced educational illustrations in the form of books and posters based on pre-existing and self initiated briefs. These included a zoo billboard teaching convergent Evolution and a storybook about parasites and symbiotes.

  • Created editorial illustrations in fast one day or one week projects.

  • Developed older children’s books based on both my own and existing narratives.

  • While studying at Stroud Collage and Falmouth University I supported other students by running Photoshop tutorials to supplement those already available. This often involved working with students from other disciplines and addressing particular difficulty’s relating to Photoshop and their projects.

  • Assisted in the print room, supporting other students in using a variety of techniques to help complete their projects.

  • Participated on request with the interview process for new students at Falmouth University. This involved giving tours to prospective students and performing one to one interviews with them to discuss applicability for the course.

Jacob Gamm jacobgamm illustration illustrations art artist draw drawing drawings painting paintings Falmouth University falmouthuniversity pillock almighty design paint mixed media final show Kathryn Simpkin children children’s childrens book books


Produced for the 2013 Falmouth University book of illustrated quotes and sayings.