Concept Artist

A creative with a diverse range of skills.


As a young child I wanted to be an archaeologist, I was very disappointed to discover that this did not mean you got to work with living dinosaurs; I’m told I cried. Evolutionary Biologist, Falconer, Anthropologist and Psychologist were all possible carers I contemplated as a child. Then I discovered that people could actually do art as a job and not just as a hobby.


I pride myself on my creativity. Through art and design I am able to pull together all of my disparate areas of knowledge, never having to settle for learning just one thing. Creative problem solving is something that was strongly encouraged while I studied at Falmouth University and it is where my greatest talents lie. This recently lead me into studying for a Masters in Games Design where I expanded my problem solving skills outside of art.


I like to learn something new every day, a day when I have not done so is a day wasted. It might be as simple as discovering a new species of fish or learning why the galaxies formed into a flat disk. This is also the reason I learnt Sign Language. When you meet me, be prepared to learn several new, and often obscure, interesting facts every day.


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